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Online planning register

You can use the online planning register to view and comment on current planning applications and their supporting plans and documents.

Most archived planning application data and some archived documents are available to view, depending on the information transferred from the previous County/District authorities.   Applications that are withdrawn are no longer available to view and applications found to be invalid after registration will be removed from the web-site until the information required has been received. 


You can also comment to support or object to any application that's currently open for consultation.  You can search for applications using the application number or part of the address. 

View current planning applications online

There's more on how the process works, what is suitable to include in comments and when they can be submitted, and the grounds for objection on our how to respond to planning applications page.

Pre-application planning enquiry details are now available to view via the online planning register, they are likely to contain minimal information because of their early, preliminary status.  Pre-application enquires are distinguished by a suffix to their reference number e.g. PA12/016573/PREAPP.

You can also request email notifications for applications and enquiries in your area or other applications you are interested in.  These will alert you as the applications progress through the planning system.

You can also view applications and supporting plans at an office near you, please contact us using the details on the right to arrange this.

You must include your name and address with your comments.  We can't accept confidential or anonymous comments.   If you need to include information that shouldn’t be public, please make sure you highlight this at the beginning of your letter and we will remove it before the letter is published (paper or email letters only).

We will note all comments and make them available at our Council offices and post them on our website, where they will be available for the public and the applicant to view.  This may include your name and address.  Please don’t include any other personal information in your comments. You are responsible for any statements you make, so please ensure your comments aren’t offensive, inflammatory or libellous.  If they are, we will remove them in line with our website terms of use. Views expressed by third parties on our website are not the views of Cornwall Council.

We can’t respond to individual comments, but you can track the progress of the planning application via the planning register.  If you don’t have a computer at home, you can use a computer in one of our libraries or one stop shops.

You must register as a user to comment on planning applications via the online planning register. If you haven’t already registered or logged in, you will be prompted to before you can leave your comments.  If your comments are lengthy then we advise you to type them into a word processor first and then paste them into the comments form.

If you are having any problems commenting online or need further help, please contact us using the details on the right of this page.

You can also email your comments using the address on the right of this page or comment by letter by writing to your local area office. We will obscure your signature when we make your comments available online.


0300 1234 151

Please see the Planning contacts page to find out who you need to contact.